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Deku Lift

It's one week later, and I still find myself playing Breath of the Wild, so I'm going to continue with my theme of Zelda and lift physics from last week. However, as there really isn't much else to discuss about lift in Breath of the Wild, we're going to jump backwards in the series to my favorite 3D Zelda game: Majora's Mask. For the uninitiated, in Majora's Mask, there are two main mechanics to the game: looping time and transformation masks. We're going to focus on the second one, because one such transformation mask turns you into a creature which appears to be made of wood called a deku scrub, and, as a deku scrub, you can launch yourself into the air (with the assistance of flowers—if you haven't played it, just don't ask) and then hover around via two propeller-like flowers held above your head. I think you all know where this is going now...

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